Renas Makina is one of Group companies of Ramazanoğulları Gıda İlaç İmalat LTD Şti. Our company was established in 1996 and works in Food, Auto Spare Parts and Machine Areas. Some of the machine groups that our company manufacture or import; - All Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Filling Machine Types; Liquid, powder, dense products, granular products and blends, screw types etc. products. - Semi Automatic and Full Automatic Labeling Machine Types; Cylindrical, curved, elliptical, straight and angular. - Semi Automatic and Full Automatic Date Coding systems - Pad Printing Systems, - Semi Automatic and Full Automatic Closing systems; screw caps, trigger and spray caps, cream tubes, induction foil types, aluminum caps, tin box plastering etc. - Manual and Fully Automatic Bag Sealing Machines - All pharmaceutical machinery: capsule filling, tablet press, capsule polishing, blister, counting systems granulation - Mixer Types; U type, Ribbon type, Trouser type, Conic, Cubic, Bins type mixer types for Powder and Granular products - Packing Machines, Vacuum Packaging Machines - Some Agricultural Equipments - Grinding System - Integrated Full Automatic production lines

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